Upcoming Events

Free Spirit Gathering (June 11 – June 16) 

Darlington, MD

Free Spirit Gathering is a weeklong festival just outside of Baltimore, with a wide variety of ritual and workshop offerings, as well as vendors, outdoor lounging, and even a pool. Clothing optional. Separate programming for children.

I’ll be presenting workshops almost every day on topics like traditional Wicca, tarot, magical journaling, and running a Pagan group.

Mystic South (July 19 – 21)

Atlanta, Georgia

An indoor event celebrating magic in the American South. Big name presenters, lots of local voices, vendors, and hanging out in one of the South’s most fun cities.

Between the Worlds 2020 (April 9 – 12)

Hunt Valley, MD

The Sacred Space Conference is an annual event organized by the Sacred Space Foundation. The Between The Worlds Conference is held every several years when the stars indicate that such a gathering is needed and favored. BTW is organized by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.

More events are in the works! Are you a shop owner or a festival organizer? Drop me a line! I have a wide selection of workshops and talks available on witchcraft, Paganism, writing, archery, and swords (and who doesn’t love swords?).