Upcoming Events

Pagan Harvest Festival

Salisbury, NC

Saturday, September 22, All day!

Family friendly, and free! Please consider bringing something to share for the potluck lunch. There will be performers, readers, artists, and trade tables.

Curio, Craft, & Conjure

Charlotte, NC

Wednesday, October 3

With Laura Tempest Zakroff!

Join us for a special evening of words and witchery! First, hear Llewellyn Worldwide authors and Witches, Thorn Mooney and Laura Tempest Zakroff talk about Witchcraft, writing, and other things that may or not begin with the letter”w.” There will be a short interlude after the talk where Thorn and Tempest will be available to sign books. Then get down to making some magic yourself with “The Art of Sigil Witchery” workshop. This is the class that spawned Tempest’s best-selling book “Sigil Witchery: A Witch’s Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols” and features an innovative and intuitive approach to making sigils that is accessible to all paths and levels of experience.


More events are in the works! Are you a shop owner or a festival organizer? Drop me a line! I have a wide selection of workshops and talks available on witchcraft, Paganism, writing, archery, and swords (and who doesn’t love swords?).