Readings are confidential. I will not share any part of our conversation with third parties for any reason, excepting where I am legally required to report criminal activity.

I will be clear and honest about the purpose and mechanics of tarot, my abilities and educational credentials.

I will behave in a professional manner, serving your best interests with no intention to cause harm.

As needed, I will help you to formulate productive questions and facilitate a useful dialogue so that you get the most out of your reading.

I do not discriminate based on race, religion, physical ability, gender identity, sexual preference or orientation, or personal background.

I do not read for minors without the explicit permission of their parents or guardians.

I will not address questions regarding third parties. Readings shall only pertain to the client in question. Readings are most beneficial when they are about you!

I am not a medical, legal, or mental health professional. I am not qualified to provide financial counseling, legal advice, or any kind of medical care. I also will not allow myself to become a substitute for qualified psychological counseling. I will not hesitate to suggest that a client consult these qualified individuals where appropriate.

I am not a psychic. My ability to read tarot is a learned skill grounded in the real world. I do not purport to have divine powers or supernatural abilities. Readings are designed to generate ideas and strategies for addressing your unique situations, tapping into your subconscious mind, and to help you consider possible choices. I do not represent any kind of religious authority.

I will not predict winning lottery numbers or times of death.

All readings are conducted under the belief that free will trumps fate or destiny. You are always responsible for your own actions. I cannot be held accountable for any decisions that you might make subsequent to receiving a reading from me.

I reserve the right to end a reading or to refuse service altogether in the event that I feel my personal well-being is threatened or if I suspect the client to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I will also end a reading if I believe the client to be mentally unsound insofar as a tarot reading may be damaging to the client’s emotional health.