Tarot Readings

photo-1Aside from blogging about Wicca and witchcraft, I’m also a professional tarot and rune reader!

If you would like to purchase a tarot reading, I am available both in-person and online.

For those of you in the Charlotte, NC, area, I am available for in-person readings at Laughingbrook Spellcrafting & Ancestral Arts in Huntersville, NC.  To most quickly book an appointment, please contact me directly (see below) for available dates and times or call the shop at (704) 903-3527.  My rate is $30 for a half hour, as many cards as needed.  The spread I use is determined according to your needs.  Rune readings with the Elder Futhark are also available.  Walk-in readings are available on Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm!

I am also available for parties (costumed or not), faires, charity events, and unusually progressive Christenings (but only if there’s cake).  Please inquire for rates and references.

A variety of e-mail readings (including runes) are available through my Etsy shop, Widdershins.  E-mail readings include digital pictures of your spread and a detailed, personalized interpretation (approximate word count varies by type of reading), as well as the chance for follow-up questions.  For more detailed information about e-mail readings, please consult my FAQ or read the descriptions available for each listing on Etsy.

You can read about my practice of tarot to your heart’s content at The Tarot Skeptic.  I also recommend signing up for my monthly newsletter, which includes both original articles on tarot and coupons for the Etsy shop.  Woo!