My Biggest Mistakes as a Witch

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in more than two decades of practicing witchcraft. Some have been silly, and others have had farther reaching consequences. I spent some time reflecting, and came up with these five that I think of as my biggest.

  1. Being too scared to try something and putting off my first rituals way longer than I should have.
  2. Thinking that because I’d read a lot of books I was an expert (and then being a jerk about it).
  3. Expecting prejudice, so not taking the risk of sharing my practice with others.
  4. Worrying about whether or not other people would take me seriously.
  5. Not being upfront about being a witch with potential partners, roommates, and others who really needed to know.

I go into detail in my video. Enjoy! I’d love to know what you wish you’d done differently when you were starting out.

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