Coming Home From Templefest!

I spent the last weekend of August in beautiful New Hampshire (after several hours at less beautiful Boston Logan International Airport) attending Templefest, the Temple of Witchcraft’s annual event. It was my first event with the Temple, and I had a blast. I got to know online friends, met lots of new friends, talked writing with Christopher Penczak over morning coffee, and shared a bottle of wine with a roomful of Patheos bloggers. The weekend left me with a lot to think about, including the impact of the Pagan Internet, exploring multiple traditions at once, and rekindling a personal practice.

3 thoughts on “Coming Home From Templefest!

  1. Scott Smith

    Hi Thorn, Hope you’re feeling better. Not sure if you remember me, it’s been years. Belmonte PPD and a few emails. Congrats on the new book. I head up a Meetup group called “Witches and Pagans and Shamans Oh My!”. It’s mostly in the area of the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point) and some of VA. We have 206 members as of today and just had our first year anniversary. Being that you are so close by, would you be interested in doing a meet greet, talk, book signing for your group (however you like to run it)? Hello….mutable Gemini here. Does this sound of interest?

    Blessed Be

    Scott Smith Join if you like…. to see what we are about and up to.

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