Life Update: Patheos, Fall Plans, and Rambling

IMG_6524I miss you,   How have you been? I promised myself that I would keep updating, even once I began writing for Patheos, and I’m afraid I’m failing you.

Writing for Patheos is awesome. It’s a blast having a bigger readership and getting to interact with more people, from different paths and practices. I genuinely love disagreement, being challenged, and forced to reconsider my perspectives, and Patheos has provided that, absolutely. At Free Spirit Gathering, points from my article about hugging and consent were raised, and I was approached by several attendees, thanking me for representing their interests. This was the first year that no one forcibly grabbed me (and I’m not talking polite hugs). Even Corvus made it through without any unwanted touching, which was truly astounding, and I felt largely responsible. It was more gratifying than I can say, feeling like the things I write can actually have some impact.

The biggest downside is that I really can’t swear as much (which is really challenging for me) and I feel like each post has to have some kind of moral. Sometimes I just like to ramble. That’s where you come in,

There’s been a lot going on, and this fall promises to be the most hectic I’ve ever had.

I’m working at the elementary school, teaching a class at the university, going to school part-time, and traveling. At the end of August, I’m off to East Coast Thing (Wait, what? A Wiccan at an Asatru event? REASONS.). In October, I’ll be attending my first Gardnerian gather, which was unplanned, but I’m super excited about it. The following weekend, I’m officiating a wedding (which will require its own preparation during earlier months). In November, I’m presenting a paper at the AAR annual meeting, which is always exciting and nerve-wracking. There’s always the potential for shame (although my good humor usually protects me), but I try to think of it as a learning experience, an opportunity for conversation, and a chance to spend some time with people that I look up to. Meanwhile, there’s my tarot course, tarot reading and study generally, writing for assorted platforms, and running both an inner court and an outer court. I’ll also be trying to save money for PantheaCon, which I’m determined to attend this year (and will be searching for a room and/or roommate, so let me know if you’ll be there).

I’m not complaining, though. I’m happiest when I’m really busy, even when it’s exhausting. It’s good for my mental health. I’m much more pleasant to be around when I feel like I’m fulfilling a purpose and accomplishing something. That American Protestant work ethic is fucking ingrained, and I’m okay with it.

I’ve made a couple of YouTube videos this week, too. One on feeling like I’m living a double life (sort of a video companion to my most recent Patheos post) and another on starting a coven.

So all kinds of excitement! Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Life Update: Patheos, Fall Plans, and Rambling

  1. That American Protestant work ethic is fucking ingrained, and I’m okay with it.” – Just when I feared you might have wasted an opportunity to set free the English language’s most versatile word, you pull through 😉

    I’ve missed reading your posts here. I followed for a while on Patheos; but here your blogging style is a little more loose and relaxed. I’m also glad that you didn’t abandon this blog, and that you do return to it from time to time – and I am happy that your life is not getting boring 🙂 A Wiccan at an Asatru event sounds like a story that begs to be told!

  2. Panmankey

    Who told you not to curse? I drop shit bombs from time to time on Patheos, I do tend to avoid fuck, but I’ve seen it on there before and one one has ever complained. Ramblings are welcome there too!

    You’ve been a huge addition to Patheos, words don’t do justice to just how much I look forward to your posts there. I hope Pantheacon is still in the cards for next February!

    1. I think I made the assumption (and therefore an ass of u and me) on my own based on the tone of most of the site, although I have noticed there’s plenty of swearing in comments. Maybe I’ll be less moderate and see what happens. Swearing for science.

      And thank you! I love being a part of it all. This has been an amazing ride so far. FUCK YES I will make Pantheacon happen if I have to sleep under a table somewhere.

  3. I’ll be at the upcoming PantheaCon if you wanna be roomies!! And I’ll even let you stay with me for free since I think I like you that much. lol. I live very close to the location.

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