Summer Plans

I have no idea what letter we’re on or what’s even been happening on the Interwebs because I’ve been too busy FINALLY FINISHING MY FUCKING MASTERS DEGREE. Graduation was Saturday, I submitted final student grades this morning, and am free and clear for the next forever as far as school’s concerned. I’ve still got two major projects in the works, but mostly all school has done in the last year is get in the way of my own research. I’m looking forward to working now with more care and without the hurry that leads to half-assed writing.

I’m also really thrilled at the prospect of being able to read pretty much whatever I want. I’m even a bit overwhelmed at where to begin. Do I keep on with my Capall Bann kick? Finish the Michael Howard pile (*blargh*)? Finally finish Scott’s Hanging from the Tree, which I’ve been plodding through for the last two months (in between paragraphs of my MA projects)? Choose things that complement my tarot work? Part of me is feeling nostalgic and wants to revisit Silver RavenWolf, just for the hell of it (American Folk Magick makes me think of summers in Michigan).  Right this moment I’m leaning toward Grimassi’s Horns of Honor: Regaining the Spirit of the Pagan Horned God because it’s been sitting on my shelf since he was nice enough to sign it for me and I’m curious about what he has to say.

I have a lot I could read. The problem is that I lose steam once I’ve hit the halfway point in a book and the novelty has worn off. Most Pagan and witch books are terrible, regardless of publisher, but I read them all because it’s worth it when you find that one thing you want to try. Or that tiny bit of whatever that helps you better formulate a nagging question (or, rarely, answer one). It’s worth it for the inside jokes you can make later. It’s worth it if it makes you appreciate your own practice or tradition in comparison (Hi, Bob! I love you!).

So I just make more coffee and push through.

I can also refocus on my tarot correspondence course and maybe finish it before the Amberstones are in their nineties or I have to use a Ouija board to turn in my homework.

I’ve also got some shorter essays in mind, which will end up as either blog posts or magazine/newsletter submissions once they’re completed.

Reading and writing aside, my big summer focus is prep for the fall hunting season. Archery practice is an almost daily occurrence, and I’m steadily becoming more active in my club (which is for traditional archery only). My state-mandated hunter safety course is set up for July and I’m researching deer (both in general and locally), field dressing and butchering, and local businesses that can help me process the body the way I want, if and when I find myself with a body. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading into hunting and ethics, which is very challenging and a welcome change from the usual Pagan-lite drivel about loving a nebulous, romanticized “Nature.”

In this latest chapter of Thorn Does All The Things, I find myself pushed magically and spiritually in ways that no book can touch. More on that as the season approaches.

What else? Well, now that the warm weather is here and school is out of the way, I can plant again. There’s foxglove and strawberry blooming in the garden, and this shall be the summer of finally planting trees in the back yard. Today I’ll also fill the feeders.

All is well.

5 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. A reading and a planting mood, eh? Two birds with one stone. Lupa’s “Plant and Fungus Totems” is now out. My copy arrived today so I have no opinions of content. It appears to cover the three models of totemism she discussed in “New Paths to Animal Totems” but with, you know, plants instead.

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