Kenny Klein

Holy shit, guys. Kenny Klein was arrested for possession of child pornography:


As someone who spent a number of years with Blue Star and who continues to think highly of the tradition I find this news particularly upsetting. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. I think it’s important to remember that Pagan leaders and authors, even our elders, are still only human beings. I’ve seen a tendency, particularly in those new to our community, to assume that Pagans are somehow above the kind of actions that we abhor in the “mundane” world. From something as relatively petty as assuming that no one would ever steal from your camp at a Pagan festival to something as serious as the charges brought against Klein.

I’ve often heard defensive statements from fellows that begin with, “Well, no REAL Pagan/Wiccan/witch/whatever would ever do that!” But that really isn’t helpful. To simply claim that people who commit crimes or otherwise further social ills are not really a part of our community is to fail to acknowledge that we are human beings subject to all the same shit as other human beings. It is naive. Because these things do happen in our community.

Much love to Blue Star and those negatively impacted by this sad turn of events.

2 thoughts on “Kenny Klein

  1. Thank you for posting this and your video blog. I am an initiate in the Blue Star tradition, having left for a number of years after the divorce in the early ’90s while I was a teenager. This news came as a punch in the gut for me, and seeing the need for supportive, mindful response to such an accusation, shared so sensitively and directly is refreshing and admirable. Again, thank you.

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