Plan D

In which we drink wine and decide that styling hair can’t possibly be that hard.

And last night, I had this weird dream that I got all of this hate mail from subscribers on YouTube about how I shouldn’t have posted this hair-cutting video because it’s “not real witchcraft.”  And I was all, “I’M TAKING MIND-ALTERING SUBSTANCES AND WORKING TO ACCOMPLISH THINGS THAT ARE PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.  THIS IS TOTALLY WITCHCRAFT.”

My relationship with Corvus is like what would have happened if I’d had girlfriends in middle school and got invited to sleepovers where someone smuggled a bottle of hooch from her dad’s liquor cabinet.

3 thoughts on “Plan D

  1. What’s kind of hilarious is that I saw this video today…right after I cut my boyfriend’s hair for the first time ever. 😛

    Best of luck to you, Thorn! (I mean in everything…not just hair cutting :P)

  2. This is sooo very off topic, but I don’t know your email addy or way to contact you privately (other than Youtube and their messaging service is kind of pissing me off), but I was wondering what your opinion on the portrayal of Paganism in media (any media–fiction obv, but comics, books, TV, movies, etc) is? (My email is if you’d rather email me than reply here~)

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