Archery Things

C is for archery.  Wait, no.

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve become just a little obsessed with a certain projectile weapon.  I started teaching myself last winter, joined the school archery club, and am considering competing at the urging of the coach.  Actually, part of me would like to start hunting, but only because I’m weirdly fascinated by the process of field dressing and my happiest moments in middle school came during Mr. Bricker’s taxidermy class (because I went to Crazy Liberal Special School for Questionable Children).  I cry when I accidentally step on bugs, so I’m pretty sure the hunting thing will never happen, but when I’ve had too much coffee and I’m listening to Appalachian folk music with really great harmonies, I think, “If I purport to be practicing some kind of nature religion [because when I listen to lots of fiddle music, Wicca become a nature religion for me again], and if I want to be a meat eater who’s not also a hypocrite, then I should learn how to kill something and eat it.”

But then my iPod shuffles to something by Savage Garden and my thought train goes somewhere else entirely.

Anywho, I’m rapidly becoming pretty obsessive about archery (by which I mean traditional archery, because authenticity.  Haha that was a joke.).  The bow I spend most of my time with is a Samick Polaris, but I’ve also got a Sage and have been experimenting with PVC pipe and other do-it-yourself-without-a-bandsaw strategies for bow building.

Last week the campus photography club asked a couple of us to do a photo shoot.  Lots of fun, even if I had to remind a couple of young men to not step in front of my arrow because I might accidentally kill them.  One was really intent on getting a shot from the tip of the shaft at full draw, but that didn’t happen (that I know of, anyway).  Safety is sexy.  Here are some of the pictures, which make me look way more competent than I actually am:

Photos by Audley Yung and Wes Allen.

7 thoughts on “Archery Things

  1. Wonderful! I have always loved the bow and arrows, I have a competition bow I inherited from my photography mentor. Never have had the chance to use it. I also got the chance to play with a compound bow. First time I shot that I did great! I wish you luck and hope to hear more about this your skills improve and how your competitions come out! Have fun. 🙂

  2. Wow, I just love these images, reminds me of my days as a re-en-actor. I used to used a 15th century Hungarian composite/re-curve, similar to the type used by Mongolian archers. I am not a big fan of the modern archery scene with all its gadgets and gizmo’s, much preferring tradition archery. As for hunting, unless I need food for survival, or the target is capable of shooting back then I;m not a big fan either. If you really get into traditional archery, I would highly recommend that you check out He makes some stunning high quality bows.
    Thanks for sharing and bringing back some fond memories, 🙂


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