Writing a book and playing in a band.

Writing is going well.  Surprisingly well, actually.  The editor at Beacon has asked for an introduction and first chapter, and I’ve been able to keep a steady pace.  My advisor and close friends have read and commented, and I’m about to send the introduction (at least) off to an assembled group of non-Pagan, non-academic contacts, none of whom know me well enough to care about my feelings.

If that goes well, I’ll include these sections with my book proposal and send it off to Beacon.  Aside from writing, I’ve been carefully going through Beacon’s most recent religion titles.  The genre is very familiar to me, but I want to cover all my bases.

I just want to write something that I can still be proud of in ten years.  I expect that some of what I’ll say will be upsetting to some Pagans (I know it will to some I know personally), and I’m okay with that so long as I’ve been clear and thoughtful.  The key will be writing about Paganism for a non-Pagan audience while being understandable and interesting.  I’ll also go ahead and admit that I’m pretty nervous about my parents’ reactions.  I’m going to trust that they’ll be too pleased that I’ve finally done something respectable (publish a book with a major press–not to imply that this is in any way guaranteed) to be uncomfortable with the less palatable autobiographical elements.  I am, however, greatly looking forward to the reactions of many of my more conservative, uptight relations.

I guess I’m posting about this here as one more way of keeping myself accountable.  This is one of those opportunities that’d be easy to miss if I let depression, self-doubt, or laziness get in the way.

In other news, my band, Anxious Bench (kudos if you catch the very nerdy reference), has been playing out.  Tonight we’re off to a local bar to see if we can’t land a show this month.  Playing music used to be all I wanted to do.  Things have changed pretty substantially, but it’s still a big part of my life and a very welcomed distraction from school.  This video is from a rehearsal.

8 thoughts on “Writing a book and playing in a band.

  1. When I was in High School the thing I wanted most (that I’d admit to myself and others) was to make music for the rest of my life. I was in a band, but I think I was the only one really serious about it. I loved writing songs though and trying to pick out melodies on my keyboard.

    You guys sound pretty good! The only thing Anxious Bench makes me think of (nerdy reference wise) is the Phoenix Wright series of video games 😛

    Good luck with the book writing!

    1. That’s really cool! Do you still play? I always got really frustrated by my high school bandmates not being serious enough. Like, we were gonna make it. If you just tried hard enough, you know?

      Thanks, Raven!

    1. That’s a great idea! Next year’s AAR. Squares will include:

      -Nikki Bado begins a sentence with, “Well, as a HIGH PRIESTESS…”

      -Chas Clifton is wearing his awesome hat

      -Helen Berger brings up the Pagan Census.

      -Sarah Pike is too good to even show up. Understandably.

      -Michael York incorporates a picture of a naked woman into his presentation.

      1. Carl Jung.

        Phenomenology (used inappropriately)

        Any outfit that was obviously bought at a Renn Faire.

        I actually did a Yule ritual with Michael York yesterday. Pretty weird to think of that, but he got his Phd at King’s so we had something to talk about. Also, you need to visit in March because Vivienne and Chris Crowley are doing the Pagan Federation London’s open ritual (Sorita D’este is doing Samhain, but I may not still be in the UK then boooo!)

      2. I’m working on my mom. She said she wants us to go on some kind of family trip this year, and Dad is pushing for Hawaii. Hawaii has always just sounded like my personal hell on earth (hot weather, frat boys, bikinis, too-expensive cocktails), and I’ve suggested London. I will make this happen.

  2. London is expensive as shit, but I like it. Lots of real historic sites, shopping, public transportation, theatre. All that good shit. I have a friend who lives near New Forest and goes jogging there sometimes. I believe it is about an hour train ride away?

  3. I would just like to add this comment, even though I am spamming your page, because I don’t think I have any other friends who would understand this conundrum (quite a first world conundrum):

    Vivienne and Chris Crowley are doing the Spring Equinox ritual for Pagan Federation London the night of March 20th.

    It was just announced that my uni’s Theology&Religious Studies dept is hosting James Beckford to do three nights of special lectures on the Sociology of Religion on March 18th, 19th, and 20th. With reception afterward.

    I’m so torn.

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