AAR Update

Many exciting things in the works.

First off, I’m in Baltimore for the AAR.  This was supposed to be a laid back year, as I’m not on a panel, not applying to programs or for jobs, and didn’t even have to drive myself or shop for properly-fitting dress pants beforehand.  Harvard’s reception—I’d heard—was being held at the National Aquarium by the dolphin tank.  Free booze and fucking dolphins.

But shortly before we hit the road, serendipity and karma and kismet and some other stuff that isn’t real collided and I found myself scheduling a meeting with Beacon Press’s executive editor, Amy Caldwell, to discuss an idea for a book.  Like, with pages and without a crescent moon on the spine.  J;AOIUQOPU4T0Q3[96OIH;L!!!!!!!

That happened yesterday, and I’m pleased to announce that I officially have a new project.  Amy has asked for a full proposal with sample introductory chapters, so when I get home my whole life is going to become centered upon refocusing my writing.  Beacon specializes in what are called crossovers, which in this case means academic-ish work for popular audiences.  I’ll say more as things develop, but for now suffice it to say that this is largely about being both a Pagan and a scholar and rationalizing the two (or consciously not rationalizing them).

Real post to follow.

4 thoughts on “AAR Update

    1. Wormy, if this thing actually happens I’ll gladly mail one to you for free in a big box also stuffed with helium balloons and confetti. I swear. In fact, I’m going to make sure I finish this just so I can actually do that. Today I’m making myself a writing schedule. The goal is to have a proposal by spring (which entails fleshing things out quite a bit better). I can’t believe this is happening. I just need to make sure my usual tendency toward malaise and disinterest don’t get the best of me!

  1. This sounds very exciting!

    I understand the “malaise and general disinterest” statement in your comment to the other commenter. That happens to me when I try to undertake long writing projects. I’m hoping it won’t in the novel I’m currently working on, though 😛

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