Most of what people put on Instagram under the hashtag #wicca is pretty stupid. I’m in the habit of routinely flipping through these photos (which probably tells you more about me than I would like you to know), and I find myself always having to resist the urge to comment on strangers’ images (rather, the images that, by and large, they’ve stolen from other people or simply recycled from Facebook or some other bastion of theological wisdom). I don’t, though, because there’s no way to do so without being an ass and I understand that nothing I say is going to actually impact someone who’s already too lazy to post original content. But there are things that I want to say. Things that make me an ass (even if I’m definitively correct about something). Things like this:

“Altar. Not alter.”

“Tenet. Not tenant.”

“Please explain to me how your shallow conception of karma applies to genocide, etc.”

“FYI, ‘gypsy’ is a racial slur and not a comment on fashion.”

“That’s not Native American.”

“Eww pregnancy/babies/your kids.”

But I don’t make these sorts of comments because then everyone would know I’m really an ass (although, someone should really punch some of these American-Indian-as-Noble-Savage racists-who-think-they’re-not-racists in the face, especially considering karma isn’t a real thing, obviously, re: racists getting away with racism). But now you know. Crap.

IMG_3030 IMG_3031 IMG_3032

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