Hi.  My name is Thorn.

Some of you may know me from my youtube channel, drawingKenaz, and others may have stumbled onto my old Blogger, but I thought an introduction was in order nonetheless.

I’m in the process of establishing an online craft business centered upon both my art and my personal practice of witchcraft, and am very slowly moving away from my (admittedly neglected in recent months) Etsy shop and the hodgepodge of individual commissions and gifts-for-friends and into something more ordered and self-directed.  The fact is that my talents are varied and somewhat unorthodox, and my life has been a consistently messy attempt at fitting into established boxes that are, frankly, unlivable.  I’m good at three things in particular: research, writing, and making stuff.  Stuff encompasses anything from candles to original songs.

What I’m not good at is wearing suits, remembering not to swear in polite company, writing resumes, or jumping through corporate or academic hoops.  I’ve been a lot of things in my life: bank teller, retailer, nude model, professional musician, graduate student, barista, teacher.  Nothing has stuck for more than a few years, and that’s been both good and bad.  What has been unwavering is my Craft practice.  Witchcraft–by which I mean several things, to be explained in later posts–is core to who I am and what I’m doing with my life.  I finally had the thought: “Why not consciously make that the center of my life?”  It already is, after all.  It’s just a question at this point of publicly recognizing that and owning it.

So this is my first step toward something that I hope can be more sustaining, at least emotionally if not financially.  I’ve purchased a domain name and have begun devising plans.  It’s my hope that this site will function as both an outlet for my academic work relating to Pagan Studies (see me present at the AAR annual meeting in Chicago this November) and a means for selling my art and homemade witchery.  Beginning in the next month or so, look for candles, ointments (both of the mundane and magical varieties), decorative items, ritual tools, natural curiosities (from bones to herbs to interesting stones), and original paintings and statuary.  And probably the odd used book or two.  I’ve also considered offering my services as a Tarot reader to the online community in addition to the folks here in my adopted city.

And that seems like quite enough for a first post!  Stay tuned, friends.

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