So I’m bad at blogging.

I actually write a lot more blogs than get posted, but generally after I review what I’ve written I throw it all out.  The writing itself is what’s valuable to me, rather than the finished product.  Plus I really enjoy making videos.  It’s easier, gets more responses, and is usually a little less embarrassing months down the road.  I’ve thought about consolidating all of my Pagan crap onto one website–the blog, Tumblr, videos, and maybe even the Etsy shop (which is just too much freakin’ work to run casually)–but I think that might be more my ego talking than anything else.  I’m not nearly that interesting.  And (let’s be real) I’d just end up ignoring it all a few weeks later anyway.

Not tons of news to report.  I had circle last night and then spent today visiting with my sister and my new faux friend, the Lazy Witch.  I say faux friend because I’m not on Facebook, so real friendship is impossible.  We have to do banal things like use the telephone and physically hang out with each other (ugh), rather than going to the lengths of true friendship that include writing on each other’s “walls” and posting updates such as, “Frozen waffles are delicious!  I think I’ll have some for breakfast.”  You’re not real friends until you’re Facebook friends.  Everybody knows that.
In the spirit of Faux Friendship, on Thursday we took a road trip to Greensboro, NC, to visit Eclectic By Nature.  Charlotte doesn’t have any witch or metaphysical shops.  Pretty incredible seeing as how it’s one of the largest cities (if not the largest?) city in NC.  In fact, Ali and myself essentially are the local Pagan community as far as I can tell.  So we have to get our kicks elsewhere.  I found myself a new statue of Thoth.  I’ve got several images of him around my workspace, where he can watch me while I write, silently judging me for procrastinating, bull shitting, and researching under the influence of Jack Daniels.
The Summer of Tarot is well underway.  I’m working my way through an audio course on the Major Arcana, and it’s kind of blowing my mind.  Everything I know about Kabbalah I learned from Madonna and Britney Spears, so you can imagine how much of a culture shock this is.  I’m constantly trying to fill in the holes in my body of magical know-how, but I’M JUST ONE PERSON GUYS OKAY.  My readings have improved, though, and I’ve got my first gig as a Tarot reader at a benefit for Piedmont Pagan Pride Day.  Please note that Oliver made it into my headshot.
I’m also now the regular Thursday host at Our Pagan Opinions, stepping in for Allison, the lovely proprietor of The Witches House.
Oh yeah!  And Free Spirit Gathering is coming up!  The highlight of my year.  If you’re going, let me know!  Hawk and I will be in attendance (as usual), and I’m working to persuade Ali to come with.  Pictures and video are strictly prohibited, but I promise stories.
Happy evening, everyone!

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