I’m what’s often called a “hard polytheist.” I see the gods as distinct entities with unique personalities, preferences, and agendas. My experience has been that some gods are more human-like than others. Some have more interest in humans than others. Some have more power and influence than others. Isis is no more a reflection of Hecate than I’m a reflection of you. Maybe on some esoteric, woo woo level we’re All One, but for all practical purposes I am not you and Ogun is not Herne. Furthermore, not all gods have your best interests at heart (which is why the prospect of “using a deity” is so ludicrous).

That said, Yahweh is as real to me as any of the gods and spirits that I actually serve and work with. He’s real and he’s a pain in my ass. I don’t really get the connection between Yahweh and Jesus. They’re separate, they’re the same, something about also being the Holy Spirit, whatever. But the second I get involved in anything Jesus-y, Yahweh is knocking on all of my doors, trying to push his way in. Like a persistent girl scout. I HEAR YOU I JUST DON’T WANT TO ANSWER SO GO AWAY. I DON’T WANT YOUR COOKIES.
This ethnography is going to be really challenging, as I’ll be having to spend more time in church and reading scripture than probably a fair number of Christians. Thankfully I’m protected from his influence by my Satanic Wiccan powers.

4 thoughts on “Yahweh

  1. The reason Yahweh and Jesus seems so different is that both are functioning under different covenants or agreements, yahweh, law and consquences, jesus mercy and grace, that is why they 'seem' so different.In the Old Testament, man was judged by his keeping or breaking of God’s law, so they were constantly seeking God for forgiveness by the offering of sacrifices. If not for the mercy of God,according to the bible, man would have gotten what he deserved many times over. God never ceased to be “true” to His holy nature, even though He was merciful to mankind.According to the bible,When Christ met all of the demands of the law, He offered Himself as a sacrifice for the sin of the whole world, satisfying the anger of His Father on sin not the person.(1 John 2:2). While mercy is us not getting what we deserve, grace is us getting what we could never deserve. The cross is what we deserved, for it was death for sin, but God’s mercy killed Jesus instead of us. God’s unconditional love and favor is what we can never deserve, but the cross brought us those things and God calls it grace. With no law to keep in order to please God, we now walk in His grace and truth, thus the New Testament preaches these concepts for the believer.Just so you know, not trying to preach at ya just relaying some information only.

  2. may I ask what kind of energy Yahweh has for you? Just what does he do to get your attention, and how and what way is he pushy, curious , I have the same problem,thus my problem with wicca/witchcraft and the biblical pantheon on my path, I try others and here he comes a calling.

  3. "Thankfully I'm protected from his influence by my Satanic Wiccan powers." LMAO!! Amen sister! I still crack open my bible to "study", mostly when I am trying to debunk something or to remind myself why I am not christian, and I get the same thing. Thought it was just a me thing.

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