Wiccan roller derby names

For those who don’t know, derby skaters play under other names. It’s actually remarkably similar to the concept of a magical name: it’s designed to both protect your mundane identity as well as represent qualities or attitudes that are either already part of your personality or that you’d like to embody. Usually girls come up with puns on famous female names, coupled with terms related to the derby girl virtues of toughness and fearlessness, or somehow related to their own unique personalities (e.g. Babe Ruthless, Joan of Snark, Celia Fate, Eris Discordia, Anita Beer, etc.) The key is that it needs to be unique. A master list is maintained throughout Derbyville and no two girls can have the same or even similar names. Well, It’s time for me to start thinking of potential names, and I think it would be fun to have one that reflects my work with the occult (I can always attribute it to my profession rather than religious affiliation). Are you ready for this much awesome? I could hardly stop squealing after coming up with this one:

Doreen Violente

Too bad no one would get it. How many Gardnerian roller girls do you think there are in the world? Answer: one. BUT COME ON. It’s brilliant. And after spending a day trying to pun on “Aleister Crowley”? Brilliant.

I’m also considering Ava de Kedavra. I thought it was fantastic, but my teammates tell me no one will get it. WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?! I thought it was perfectly obvious, but no one’s gotten it yet. If you do, comment and tell me so we can start our future together as BFFs.

I just came up with another one: Dion Misfortune. AHHHH I’M SO BRILLIANT.
Dorothy Clusterfuck
Aleister Brawley (#777)
Sybil Freak
Patricia Crowbar

5 thoughts on “Wiccan roller derby names

  1. Just found your blog. It's amazing. I like the Aleister Brawley but all the names are awesome. A friend of mine just did the same thing. Her name is Joanna so she picked "Bazooka Joe" LOL. I love roller derby. So what name did you decide on?Love and Light,Mel

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