So I just saw my first episode of Charmed…

…and Buffy the Vampire Slayer it is not. I do love how it uses that Love Spit Love cover for its theme, though. It doesn’t even make sense taken out of context and is so clearly only there because it was the theme from The Craft just a couple of years earlier. So subtle.

But at least I now know where a lot of the dumb stuff I keep seeing around the Community comes from (including the aforementioned pronunciation of the word “sabbat”).

There’s actually been a lot going on recently. I’m in my finally year of undergrad (again) and will officially be starting the MA in the fall. I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of the programs I applied to, but I already got the one I want. If X Ivy League gives me money I’ll have to give them serious consideration, but I seriously doubt that will happen. And I wouldn’t be a good fit there, anyway. The school I’ve picked is not only a top program with a high placement record, but it’s even closer to my coven than I already am. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that if I’m going to specialize in modern witchcraft, I need to be in an area where I’m close to both Family and a wider Community.

I registered for Free Spirit Gathering earlier this week, which is the highlight of my year. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a week-long festival (especially this one), I recommend that you do so.

I’ve been making an effort recently to be more social and establish some sort of niche in the Community in my town. I’ve spent the last several years avoiding them, but I don’t want to be so narrow anymore. My group is so insular (and we’re all very, very closeted as a group) it would be easy to just melt into the background. As it is, I go to open rituals and other events and people are already suspicious of me because of my career choice. Not to mention the other things about me that seem to mark me as “other” amongst Neo-Pagans: my hatred of all things child and marriage-related, my refusal to use terms like “Earth Mother” or pretend that my period is anything other than a nuisance, my disbelief in karma (a term that practically everyone misuses anyway), and my hostility toward the New Age. Yeah, I fit right in. But I digress. In short, I’m just trying to get out more. I connected with my coven in a roundabout sort of way that involved me taking a chance and diving into the sea of idiots in my local Community. There’s always the chance I could find others of like mind and learn something.

So I’ve joined a local gathering of tarot readers, which has already been very profitable. I’ve been reading cards for a while, but I’ve already learned so much more just by hanging out with more experienced readers. At Imbolc, I committed myself to deepening my relationship with the cards and spending the year learning as much as I can. My deck collection has grown quite a bit recently, too. I finally got a copy of the Chinese Tarot, which has been out of print for a while. In the process of looking, I also found that some of my decks have become quite sought after in the last few years (not that I would sell them, but it’s good to know). I’ve also recently acquired a new Thoth deck (my first one was given to me by the brother of a girl who died of a drug overdose, which makes me feel weird using it even if I do appreciate the irony), the Druidcraft Tarot, and a few others. Unlike some of my fellows, I don’t have any trouble reading with used decks (even the old Thoth deck is a problem more because of him than her), so I usually have more options when it comes to deck selection. The old standby remain the Universal Waite, though.

One of the women in the group is offering a workshop on advanced reading and I thought I may sign up for it. My general policy has always been that I don’t pay for things like that, but after having met her and seeing that she’s legit, I may give it a go.

One thought on “So I just saw my first episode of Charmed…

  1. It is great that you have a choice of where to go concerning community. As for tarot , I to have studied tarot for a while but just recently committed to go deeper into it's mysteries. I just puchased 2 new decks, The New Palladini Tarot Deck [With Book) which I dearly love the colors are so rich and vivid, and the Radiant RW , I have Universal deck and compared side by side the radiant is so vivid, colorful and rich, all the symbols just jump out at you . Any how good luck with your new tarot group.

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