I don’t mean this as any sort of criticism, I just find it hilarious and felt compelled to say something. Those of you with any insight, please fill me in:

Why are people on YouTube suddenly pronouncing the word “sabbat” like it’s “sa-bought”? With the emphasis on the second syllable and the “aww” on the vowel? Sabaaaawt… It makes me giggle almost as much as my neighbor’s Southern-isms (“Whut th’ hayell…”). I noticed it first on one person’s account, and then I started hearing it from every other person. What’s funny is that some people pronounce the word one way in early videos and then change in later videos. So who started this really weird and amusing trend? Did TipToeChick or one of YouTube’s other BNPs say it this way?

I don’t think pronunciation matters all that much, but I will say that I have never ever in my life heard any Wiccan or Pagan outside of YouTube pronounce it this way. Never once, and I’ve met hundreds of Pagans in all sorts of settings.

Just an observation. As you were.

Say words at me.

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