Ostara is tomorrow and I’m very excited. R has a friend who is hosting an Equinox bonfire this weekend and we’re planning to attend. Tomorrow, I’ll be conducting a solitary ritual – maybe even outdoors. I’ve been working outside a lot, planning this year’s herb garden. It’s a very small yard, but there’s plenty of room for a small garden and there’s a privacy fence. I am going to set up an outdoor altar, and as long as it’s warm, I’ll do rituals outside when I can. I’ve already started planting, but I’ll do the rest of it this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Ostara

  1. Thanks! It’s been a lot of work! I need to write a blog about it, but R and I have totally dug it up and replaced the soil that was there with compost. We’re also building a raised bed, so the yard is a mess right now.

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