Defining Sacred

I’m trying to be more focused. Sometimes when I’m feeling good I think I have all this potential, and it’s just a question of letting it out. It’s a real struggle to maintain that feeling of connectedness sometimes. For a lot of people, reading and writing is a very airy sort of thing. A higher pursuit that requires thought, discernment, and hopefully, ultimately, the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. All very Easterly. But for me, a different effect is achieved. Research grounds me. Writing keeps me centered. The physical act of reading comforts me. The more I reach outside of myself and consider things beyond, the more connected I feel to the rest of the world and the more I think I could do something positive with my life. In my room, my books are in the North. I didn’t do it on purpose, it just worked out that way, and thinking about it now it makes sense to me.

Right now I’m reading Kaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas’s Wicca 334: Further Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief. KMD is a Priestess of the Universal Ecelectic Tradition, which I know nothing about, but many of her books are of immediate relevance to all Wiccan Traditions and I really enjoy them. I was really excited when I saw that she’d released a sequel to Wicca 333. The chapter I’m reading now is on sacred space and defining what is sacred and what isn’t. A lot of Wiccans struggle with this idea. If the Divine exists in all things, then all things are sacred, be they people, animals, plants, or inanimate objects.

It’s easy to say things like that. Everyone seems to always be talking about the sacredness of the world, but most people don’t want to extend sacredness to things like guns and pavement, buildings and cars. Is everything really sacred or is that something to which Wiccans only pay lip service? Additionally, if thoughts are things and all things are sacred, are all thoughts sacred? Or is sacred a relative term? My athame is sacred to me, but there are many in this world who believe all weapons to be evil. Taking that idea further, are all actions sacred? Terrorist attacks are considered sacred, holy acts by many who now perpetrate them. Can something be sacred just inherently or does someone have to declare it to be sacred? How can the sacred be relative if the Divine exists all things?

Yeah, this is what I do with my free time. And this to me is what Wicca is about: trying to come up with answers to these questions. If we’re not asking them to begin with, then what are we doing?

2 thoughts on “Defining Sacred

  1. i know how you feel when it comes to reading and writing. i find both such a release of negativity. i believe all things are sacred in my opinion, it just depends on how you look at each individual thing and their purpose. how did that book turn out?)O( blessed be!

  2. Pretty good! Honestly, I still haven’t finished it. Her books take me forever to finish because each chapter has a series of discussion questions and I’m anal about actually writing them all out and answering them.

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