Imbolc Preparations

Imbolc is my favorite sabbat. This time of year just feels like it’s bursting with potential. It’s easy for me to think about what could be and forget about what is. This year, Imbolc is especially poignant because I’m finally in my own home. Sure, I’ll have to get a roommate eventually, but for right now, I have a house all to myself. For the last several years I’ve been confined to a college dorm room, a tiny house shared with four other girls, or one bedroom in my brother’s house. It feels wonderful to be able to stretch out. Of course, all of my books are still jammed into my bedroom (I tried to spread them around but just couldn’t bring myself to leave it like that), as are all of my guitars, but I think well-ordered clutter is my style. I’m just going to embrace it.

I’ve spent all of January cleaning, getting things in order, unpacking, getting rid of things that I don’t need, reordering my finances, making plans for a new job, adopting a cat, plotting the spring herb garden, and making candles. Not to mention going to school full time.

Imbolc to me is about getting ready for the year. In this case, getting ready for a whole life. I feel really blessed.

I don’t really know what’s moving me to start a blog. I’m generally a very reserved person, especially where the Craft is concerned, but I’m just feeling the urge lately. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel like my views are represented in the sort of blogs and YouTube videos (etc.) that are so prevalent now. Everyone has the same books on their recommended reading lists, and it’s not because those books are so great. It’s just that they’re the ones that are easiest to find and get passed around the most. Everyone seems to subscribe to the same paradigms in their practice. That’s fine, if that’s what works for people, but maybe I’m just here to say that I’m different. I’m not a solitary eclectic. I don’t think the way most people who claim to be Wiccan think. I’m not saying I’m better, I just want there to be a more balanced picture of Wicca on the internet. We’re not all fantasy lovers. We don’t all believe in fairies. We don’t all practice Reiki. We don’t all subscribe to the idea that all gods are one god and we’re all just following variations on the same One Truth. We don’t all think that Scott Cunningham was the bee’s knees (or whatever).

So in this blog, I’m going to write a little bit about my Wicca. Writing is how I sort things through and figure them out. I’ll write about books I’m reading, things I’ve seen on YouTube, people I’ve met, issues I’ve run into… Hopefully I’ll make some new contacts and learn a lot. Or at least get out some angst.

Say words at me.

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